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We'd like to hear from you! Your suggestions and feedback are important to us at Mt. Vernon. Please click here to send an email with your comments. 

If you would like to send your comments directly to a particular department, please click on one of the names below to send them an email, or call them directly.

David W. Eden, Mayor -  (417) 466-2122 

Shannon Neely, City Clerk - (417) 466-2122

Mary Walker, Municipal Court Clerk - (417) 466- 2122

Jane Hood, Economic Development - (417) 466-2122

Gene Stanton, Director of Public Works - (417) 466-2122 or (417) 466-2168

Steve Helsper, Building Officer/Zoning Administrator - (417) 466-2122 or (417) 466-2167

Nancy McRoberts, Administrative Assistant - (417) 466-2122

Jason Patten, Billing Clerk/Transportation Dispatcher - (417) 466-2151

Mandy Neely, Utility Collections Clerk - (417) 466-2062

Fil Turk, Chief of Police - (417) 466-2122

Randee Stemmons, Municipal Court Judge - (417) 466-2122

Andrew Hager, Prosecuting Attorney - (417) 466-2062


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